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Camera Rental Agreement (Terms & Conditions)

THIS EQUIPMENT LEASE AGREEMENT (“Lease”) is made and effective by signing this Equipment Lease Agreement and all the Terms and Conditions therein, whether or not Lessee has read them. The Lessor may at its sole discretion modify this Equipment Lease Agreement as need arises. NOW, THEREFORE,

Every effort is made to assure descriptions and prices are correct. Lessor deserves the right to correct errors as needed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Rent and a deposit, for the lessee to have a full booking of any equipment, they have to do some deposit and if applicable, must be paid in advance, in full. Without any Deposit, a lessor has a right to give away the equipment after two days of the tentative booking.

Late returns are penalized, a maximum daily penalty equivalent to 20% of the day rental rate for the Equipment. Any penalties will be charged to the Lessee’s form of payment on file with the Lessor.

Lessee shall use the Equipment in a careful and proper manner and shall comply with and conform to all applicable laws, ordinance, and regulations in any way relating to the use or possession of the Equipment.

Lessor reserves the right to cancel any order, for any reason, at any time before delivery occurs.

Lessee may cancel an order at any time, for any reason until the picking time of equipment from the lessor however, there will be no refund if the booking is made in less than 48 hours to the earlier booked date.

The Equipment remains at all times the sole and exclusive property of the Lessor. The Lessee has no rights or claims to the Equipment. The Lessor makes no claims to images, video, or sound recordings made by the Lessee while using the Equipment.

Lessee shall keep the Equipment in good repair and condition.
Lessee shall not materially modify or alter the Equipment.
(a). In the event of any material modifications, Lessee will be responsible for all reasonable costs of Lessor in restoring the Equipment to its normal condition.
(b). Lessee assumes and shall bear the entire risk of damage to the Equipment from any cause, except damage in the possession of the Shipper, during the term of the Lease.
(c). Unless pre-existing damage is reported to the Lessor within 24 hours after Lessee takes possession of the Equipment, it is assumed any damage to the equipment occurred during the term of the Lease.
(d). In the event of damage, the Lessor shall choose the repair method and venue, within reason and it’s the lessee responsible for the total costs of the repair, if commercially reasonable.

Lessee assumes and shall bear the entire risk of loss of the Equipment from any cause during the term of the Lease.
1. Lost or Stolen Equipment – In the event that the Equipment is reported by Lessee to be lost or stolen during the term of the Lease, Lessee is liable to the Lessor for the reasonable replacement value of the Equipment as determined by the Lessor.

In the event of any missing accessories (caps, hoods, tripod rings, bags, etc.), Lessee is fully liable to the Lessor for the replacement cost of the missing items.

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